How computers have changed our lives.

computersComputers are perhaps one of the most remarkable innovations in human existence. Needless to say that the computers themselves have come a long way and have greatly changed from what they previously were to remarkable pieces of technology that affect our lives in various dimensions.

Influence of computers in education.

The education arena has come to new levels as computers have largely impacted how we share information and learn. You can find answers to virtually any query that you ay have. It is also easier to connect to other people in the globe and share in their learning experience. There is also easier storage of information and access to resources which has made education more fun.

Computers and utility facilities.

Tremendous improvements have been witnessed in our lives. Transportation, water, electricity and other things that make for convenience have greatly been improved by computers. Computerization has made everything efficient and delivery of essential services is no more a daunting task.

Health care.

Medical care has greatly been improved thanks to the inception of computers in the health sectors. Data management systems are crucial for hospitals. Doctors and other medical practitioners have access to valuable information that touches on patients. This enables efficient delivery of medical services and also better response to emergency situations.
Tremendous improvements have been made possible in surgical theatres. Computers aid surgeons in mapping of the areas that are to be operated upon. Signs of the vital organs are monitored by use of computers. Surgeons are known to use conferencing facilities to share with others on different parts of the globe and come up with solutions in the event of complexities.


The world can be said to be a lot safer, thank to computers. Computer technology has made it possible to improve on security systems. Law enforcement agencies can respond to emergencies faster, thanks to better communication and alert systems that have been made possible by computers.
Homes, businesses and streets are a lot safe, security appliances like closed circuit televisions do a lot to prevent crimes or even make it easier to solve crimes and therefore rid our society of criminals.


One of the greatest beneficiaries of the computer technology is business. There are vary many benefits that computers have accorded to businesses regardless of the size and type. Here are some:
• Efficiency ; business operations can now achieve more at a shorter time due to automation that has been made possible by computers. It is easy to keep tabs on what is being done and to stream line business structures and systems to make sure that everything is working in tandem.
• Security; there is more security to businesses. Information can be stored securely, money and sensitive documents are stored properly.
• Diversity; the business model has changed from the physical store to an online platform for transaction. Anyone can go into a store, shop and pay without leaving their house. This gives the business an edge on how it can conduct business in different ways but achieving the same objectives.