Australian Universities Aren’t Keeping Up.

3662168-3x2-940x627Universities in Australia are not up to speed with the demands of the educational environment globally. The go slow is mostly seen in relationship with Asian students. It has been said that Australian universities cannot engage students whose culture, language and history eludes their understanding. This is evident in the few courses that are offered in respect to anything to do with cultures of the people in the east.

Asian languages are taught less in the universities of Australia than they were in the late 60s. This is also evident in the other subjects such as Economics, Geography, Arts, Politics and History. There is a drop in the study of these subjects in relation to the major Asian cultures like Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Hindu and Korean leave alone the Arab culture, history and language.

As this goes on in the Australian educational scene, the Asians are doing something completely different. Whether the Australian universities are initiating a go slow in adoption of subjects with an eastern orientation in their syllabus on purpose or not is a debate for another day and time, but it sees that these universities attract only those students that are well or (read rich), but are not qualified enough to get admissions in the universities in their countries of origin. The same can also be said for the Vocational Education space, like hospitality, trades, beauty education etc. according to Service Skills Australia.

In Asia, there is a growth in the economy with many of the countries there being major players in the global arena. The need therefore for quality education can therefore coma naturally. In this light, the governments in the Asian countries are coming up with framework and policy to make sure that this is realized at home. More of these governments are funding the universities and getting everything they can to empower the universities there for competence in offering world class education to its populace.

Australia will soon be outstripped of the rankings it has in teaching and research. Once the East have their books right, Australia will soon be deemed inferior. The east has much more to offer. Growth in the economy offers a good platform for education, internship and an attractive job market. There is also an attractive package for students stemming from cheaper life and availability of part time jobs. Soon enough, grass will grow on the path that leads to Australia from Asia in search of tertiary education. The top student will have two other options, either to remain at home and study in the universities there or head to America.

Australian universities are doing very little to develop the student experience and awareness of the Asian culture. This leaves a lesser magnitude of interaction between the Asian student and the natives. This said and done, nothing is said at home about Australian universities resulting to mis-or-under-representation of these institutions.

Marketing is something these universities are either inept or unwilling to undertake as news about them is passed by word. The only other way is individuals taking the initiative to get to know what is available for them in these institutions. In the other countries, the universities take the initiative to reach out to potential students thereby increasing the probability of being chosen by them.